swatch of coal watercolor
Chuckanut Coal watercolor
from a small coal seam near the border of Whatcom and Skagit Counties 
Nooksack Riverbank watercolor swatch
Nooksack Riverbank watercolor
crumbled off a riverside rock near Glacier, Washington
blue sarcococca berry ink
Sarcococca confusa (aka Sweet Box or Christmas Box) berry ink 
gathered from the Edgemoor neighborhood of Bellingham, Washington
terra cotta tile watercolor swatch
Faux Terracotta Tile watercolor 
found smashed near a street in the Roosevelt neighborhood of Bellingham, Washington
Bane berry ink swatch
Red Baneberry (Doll's Eyes Plant) ink
gathered in a forest near Sedro-Wooley, Washington.
lungwort lichen ink peach colored swatch
Lungwort Lichen ink
gathered from the ground after an extremely windy week, near Glacier, Washington
privet berry ink swatch
Privet (or Ligustrum) berry ink
from a good friend's front yard in the Birchwood neighborhood of Bellingham, Washington
puffball mushroom ink swatch
Puffball Mushroom ink
found near the parking lot of Birchwood Park in Bellingham, Washington
Yellow Winter Jasmine ink swatch
Jasminum nudiflorum (Winter Jasmine) blossom ink
from my landlord's backyard garden in Bellingham, Washington
rosehip ink swatch
Wild Rosehip ink
picked along the shore of the Semiahmoo Bay in Blaine, Washington
cedrus cone ink swatch
Cedrus deodara (Himalayan Cedar) cone ink
gathered from the ground along a road in Bellingham's Roosevelt neighborhood
clay watercolor swatch
Chuckanut Mountain Clay watercolor
found in a ditch along a gravel road in the Chuckanut Mountains